Karpr, the story behind

2017, the start of something

Enriching the modern carp clothing industry with urban and raw styles for the contemporary carp angler.

Karpr Clothing was founded in The Netherlands by Thomas Eilander from the idea to enrich the established carp clothing industry with more urban and raw styles. With products being mainly influenced by skate, punk and urban styles, Karpr describes itself best as Carp Inspired Streetwear.

From the start in late 2017 Karpr has grown continuously and in short time carp anglers from all over Europe including Belgium, UK, Germany, France and Czech Republic started to embrace the brand. Being somewhat overwelmed by the amount of success, the drive to grow the brand only grew bigger and eventually choices had to be made. Less time could be spend on Thomas’ other company Santhos in order to be able to respond to the already made quick start.

2018 and beyond

Besides keeping the fashionable urban styled items going the range got extended with technical pants and jackets halfway 2018, giving answer to anglers looking for more functional items as well.

With appropriate pride I dare to say that Karpr has proven itself to be a widely respected part of the contemporary carp clothing industry.  That being said all there’s left to say is that I can’t thank everyone involved enough for bringing the brand to where it stands today.  It may speak for itself that nothing is gonna stop us from bringing you more distinctive and unique clothing in the near and far future.

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Thomas, feb 2019