Karpr, the story behind


I’ve had the idea of starting a clothing line for a longer time. Finally, I found the inspiration I needed to fill in the contents in something I’ve been doing for over 30 years: carp fishing! Although there’s already a lot going on in this field, I think there is room for a brand that’s distinctive for having generally urban roots. I therefore see Karpr Clothing as more urban with a carpy touch than carpy with an urban touch. I also like to call it Carp Inspired Streetwear.

Karpr is here for everyone. Whether you want to express your passion for carp angling in a subtile way or are just looking for an awesome sweater or hoodie to wear at work or school, it's all possible. You can wear Karpr where and whenever you want. I’m not here to label anyone, I just want to make cool clothing.

The name

One of the initial ideas behind Karpr was to represent your passion for carp angling through urban clothing. In English this brought me to 'Carp Represent', later shortened to CarpR. To keep a bit of my Dutch roots and because it just looked better I replaced the C with a K which created Karpr. To be pronounced as Carper I guess :-)

Responsible and sustainable products

What we at least strive for with Karpr is to deliver responsible and sustainable products. Good quality and fit is of course important, but we pay at least as attention to sustainable development and the exclusion of child labor and violation of human rights. 

With these conditions in mind we have found a very suitable partner. A Belgian company with very good ideas about sustainability and responsibility, and also beautiful products. All made of high quality organic cotton.

About me

My name is Thomas Eilander and I’m born in 1980. In my daily life I run Santhos, a small webdesign and marketing agency. I live together with my girlfriend Anne and our kids Sam, Fien and Charlie in Meppel, a city in The Netherlands. That’s nearby (Carp) Zwolle by the way ;-)

Of course I am a passionate carp angler myself although there was too little time for it the last few years because of kids and work. I hope to change this again in 2018!

I hope you like the idea behind Karpr Clothing. If you have any questions or suggstions, feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear your thoughts!